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6 thoughtful ways to communicate in lockdown

Thoughtful ways to communicate with your loved ones (beyond FaceTime)

One of the hardest parts of lockdown is not being able to see and hold your loved ones. 

We’re using our phones to keep in touch more than ever, but what other thoughtful ways can you communicate outwith video calls? 

Handwritten letters 

Now’s the time to go back to basics. Pick up a pen and send your thoughts and well wishes through paper.

Have you been keeping a diary during lockdown? Share with your friends and family and ask them to reply with what they’ve been doing.  Soon enough you’ll have new pen pals! 

It’s also a great excuse to get some gorgeous stationery. Stationery website Papier have created a whole section of Positive Post with thoughtful cards and stationery sets or seek out a local calligrapher or designer and support a local business. 

Delivery notes 

Are you still delivering essentials to your friends, family or neighbours? You might not be able to chat to them when you’re there, but you can still send a message! 

Get a Sharpie and write notes on their cartons of milk or tie little messages to their groceries. That way they’ll think of you every time they enjoy a cuppa 😊  

Send them a gift 

Celebrate a loved one’s birthday or just surprise them and let them know you’re thinking of them with a little gift straight to their door. 

We’ve got everything from recipe books, bottles of gin and pancake mix to treat someone today. 

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Window of hope 

We’ve all been enjoying the beautiful rainbow displays from kids across the country, go one further and put messages of hope and positivity in your windows and spread some smiles! 

Join a FB group 

Facebook hasn’t always felt like the most positive of platforms, but during this tough time it’s become a real hub for virtual communities and there’s loads of great groups to help communicate and share ideas with others, like Family lockdown tips & ideas, Help what am I going to do today and neighbourhood groups to help you keep in touch with everyone in your area. 

Date in the Diary 

Let your loved ones know you’re excited to see them by planning something to look forward to post-isolation. Arrange that afternoon tea with your mum; take a trip with your friend or go out for dinner with your colleagues. 

Planning your activities will not only keep you busy but will give you and your loved ones something meaningful to look forward to. 

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Thanks to all our postmen & women and delivery drivers for making it possible to send our thoughts via the mail! 💌