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Have a holiday at home

How to have a holiday at home; escape to Costa del Sofa with our top tips to get away without leaving the house

Where are you holidaying during lockdown? Costa del Sofa? St Bath?

We know you might be missing out on a holiday you had planned, but get creative, crank the heating up and bring the holiday right to your living room. Here’s how:

Pick your destination
Just because this is an imaginary holiday doesn’t mean you don’t need to put thought into where you’re jetting off to. Recreate your favourite holiday; head to your bucket-list destination; or go on the holiday you were meant to before lockdown happened.

Get your holiday outfit on
Nothing will put you more in the holiday mood than everyone in your house getting dressed in their favourite holiday outfit! Dust down your sunglasses, get a straw hat and fire on your shorts and t-shirts. Done!

Set the scene with music
Is there any better feeling than lying on a sun lounger next to the pool, cocktail in hand and music playing? 

Check out a few of our favourite Spotify playlists, whether you want to have a party or unwind and relax:

Enjoy some holiday food
Get a freezer full of Soleros and you’re halfway to a decent holiday meal, but if you want to take it up a notch, cook up a traditional dish to transport your taste buds to your favourite country.

Check out BBC Good Food’s recipes for: 

And finally, invite your squad
If you’re missing a getaway with your friends or a big family holiday, it can still go ahead! Get your crew together on a video call, and do whatever you’d normally do: have some cocktails and talk nonsense all night; host a quiz night; or put some music on and get the karaoke started!