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Top store cupboard recipes to use up your panic buys!

Top store cupboard recipes; use up those panic buys and plan healthy meals for the week ahead.

If you’re like the rest of the nation, you’ll probably be sitting with 9 packs of pasta, 20 tins of tomatoes, 12 frozen chicken breasts and 5 packs of vegetables you never even knew existed. Time to make use of everything in your cupboard and batch cook some nice, healthy meals for the week ahead.

We’ve pulled together some of our fave recipe roundups all in one place, along with a weekly meal planner to keep you on track!

1. Easy store cupboard recipes
Quick and easy recipes that taste amazing, we’ll be starting with this one…

Olive Magazine

2. One pot recipes
Take all your store cupboard essentials and bang them in a pot!  The best part about this one, there’s only one dish to wash up!

BBC Good Food

3. Easy recipes to cook with the kids
Turn your fussy eaters into little chefs, with fun recipes you can make with the kids - we’ve got to keep them busy somehow!

BBC Good Food

4. One for the MasterChef’s
Now's the time to perfect your skills with these exciting dishes!

The Guardian

5. Jamie Oliver’s healthy recipes
Nutritious food for the whole family, this should combat all the digestives we’re eating, right?

Check out his new ‘Keep Cooking & Carry on’ videos on YouTube for at home cooking lessons.

Jamie Oliver

Download our weekly meal planner

And remember, we’ve all got enough on our minds just now, if you end up eating tuna pasta 5 nights in a row, no-one’s judging!