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The best games to play at home – no apps required!

Stay entertained with these old school games to play at home – no apps or phone required! (Ages 2+)

Now’s the time to spend proper quality time with your loved ones. We’re ditching the apps and the iphones and going back to basics with these old school games to keep you all entertained at home

Sock Wars
Firstly, make sure all breakables are moved away (this is when you know the game's serious!)

Split into two teams, create some sock balls from pairs of socks and now for the fun part…build a fort! Use blankets, pillows, furniture, everything and anything at your disposal, it’s going to get competitive…

Once the forts are ready – start throwing! If someone gets hit they’re out! The last team standing wins.

The Cereal Box Game
All you need for this is an empty cereal box (good job we’re rattling those coco pops!) and some flexibility.

Put the empty cereal box in the middle of the floor. Everyone must try and pick the box up using only their mouth – no other body part can touch the floor (except feet of course)

Once everyone has completed it, cut an inch off the box and go again. Repeat this until someone is crowned the King of the Cornflakes! You might want to video it too, there’ll be some interesting moves!

DIY Games
Get creative with your gaming – think DIY laser mazes, handmade football tables and indoor golfing.

Check these out for inspiration

Stop the Bus
Select your categories e.g. boys name, girls name, country, animal etc - we’ve created a template to make it easier for you.

Someone starts saying the alphabet to themselves, another shouts stop, whatever letter it lands on you play with.

The first person to complete each section first, shouts STOP THE BUS!

Compare your answers - if someone has the same answer as you, you get 5 points. If not, you get 10. Add them all up and start again. The person at the end with the most points is the winner!

The Mime Game
Each person puts a few nouns into a hat (the more ridiculous, the better)

Round 1 – Each person picks a word and describes it without saying the word (ie. if it’s bed, you could say you lie down to sleep in it, but couldn’t say you find it in the bedroom)
Round 2 – Pick a new word and act it out.
Round 3 – Describe your next word, using only one other word. 
Round 4 – For the final round, you must describe a word using only your eyes! 👀

This would be a funny one for Facetime too 😊

Ring of Fire
18 and over, please drink responsibly 😉

The OG of the drinking games!

You’ll need a pack of cards, a big glass and whatever’s in your drink cupboard.

Spread the cards round the glass in the middle – this will become the “Dirty pint”. Players take it in turn to draw cards and follow these rules