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5 ways to reuse your empty wine bottles

Make that bottle of Malbec into a work of art with our 5 ways to upcycle wine bottles!

Noticed your glass recycling bin is looking a bit fuller than usual recently? 🙄

Here’s 5 ideas on how you can upcycle your empty wine bottles (and, yes, these also work great for gin, rum, vodka for the spirit lovers among us 😊)

Use it as a book end

Fill an empty bottle of sauvignon with sand or flour to give it weight and voila, a stylish book end in less time than it would take you to pour a glass.
Turn it into a candle holder or vase

Did you know you can cut glass with string, a lighter and cold water? Us neither, another day of lockdown, another life hack learned.

Find out how to cut glass in this tutorial and you can turn your wine bottle into a cute candle holder or vase.

If you want to decorate your bottle, check out this easy to follow guide on painting your bottles – afterwards get creative with lace, ribbon, glitter and any crafting bits and bobs you have in the house. 

Create a wine bottle waterer

Let your plants enjoy your wine as much as you do and use your empty wine bottle to water them for you. All you need to do is fill your wine bottle with water and quickly push it neck down into your planter. The water should then slowly release – get tips here on how to make sure it’s working properly.

Feed the birds 

With all this time on our hands, watching the birds has become a key part of our daily routine. Give them a treat by using an empty wine bottle, and a bit of our high school woodwork skills, to create a cool birdfeeder for your garden. Here’s how you do it.

Make a lamp

Have a bottle you really love? Repurpose it and turn it into a statement lamp. This one’s a wee bit more complex and involves a drill so definitely put your glass down if you’re giving it a shot! Watch the video below to see how to do it.

If you don’t fancy getting the drill out though, and we really wouldn’t blame you, you can fill your bottle with wine bottle fairy lights to add a lovely glow to your room - you’ll find loads of options online.