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The ultimate movie night

itison Drive-In Movies at home; our expert team’s guide to planning the perfect at-home movie night

We might be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the itison Drive-In Movies experience right to your door. Don’t worry, we’re not planning to turn up at your house with the world’s biggest LED screen, we’ve just asked the team for their top tips for an at-home movie night.

Pick your movie

If you’ve got kids, picking a movie will likely be the hardest part of the night. Here’s the top lockdown movie recommendations from Team itison:

  • Mrs Doubtfire – Shannon in Marketing
  • Bring it On – Jenny M in Sales
  • Mighty Ducks – Fraser in Sales
  • Crazy Stupid Love – Marion in IT
  • Salt – Quinton in Design
  • The Neverending Story – Richi in Video
  • Lady and The Tramp – Jenny S in Sales
  • The Avengers – Morven in Marketing
  • The Beach – Graeme in Sales
  • 21 Jump Street – Fraser in Video
  • Christopher Robin - Ruth in Operations

Get the tunes on

While you’re getting your snacks prepared and getting sorted, you need a playlist to set your movie night on the right track. Pick a playlist themed around the movie (we won’t judge you if you want a Christmas movie night) or go for movie classics. Here’s some of our favourites:

Sort the snacks

Get some itison Drive-In Movie favourites: think hot dogs with gourmet toppings, nachos and hot chocolate with cream & mallows. If you’re feeling fancy, make your own pizzas for the ultimate movie snack.

It’s not all about the movie

In the run-up to showing a film at itison Drive-In Movies, we always have games to keep everyone entertained, and you can’t beat trivia and the emoji game. Cast the video below to your TV in advance of the movie to get everyone in the mood!