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How to isolate and date!

How to isolate and date; our top at-home date night ideas for couples, friends and families

Three long weeks confined with your partner, flatmate or family. There has never been a more important time to keep the love flowing! We’ve got some top date night ideas to keep you entertained and enjoying each other’s company. You can thank us later ;)

You’ll need: 

  • A room 
  • A TV or laptop 
  • Video call app if you’re living alone – everything can be done via Skype or Facetime
  • Snacks 
  • Patience 
  • Some creativity & fun! 

1. An ‘at home’ picnic
Get some covers, cushions and your favourite snacks and meet for a picnic. Set the scene with a soundscape playlist

We’ve even got some beautiful scenic images for you to put up.

2. Movie night
The Radio Times have pulled together the best 50 movies on Netflix right now and the best kids movies to enjoy as a family

If you don’t have Netflix, dig out the DVDs and work your way through them alphabetically.

3. Recreate your favourite date or memory with your loved one
Where was your first date? A favourite family day out? Recreate the memory together and capture it on camera – this is one for the photo album!

You’ll have more than one memory, so work your way through them every week. You can even recreate your Facebook “On this Day” each day.

4. Quiz night!
Host a quiz night! With your household or via video call, there’s loads of great quizzes online. Set a theme each week and make sure you pick a prize at the end so it’s all to play for!

Why not make it an itison gift card and the winner chooses the first group activity when it’s all over 😊

5. Spice it up! (minds out the gutter…)
Make it even more exciting by making it a surprise date. Ask your loved ones to go into another room and set it up before they come in!

What itisoners are doing
“Me and my fiancé are going to recreate the moment we got engaged last year. We wanted to go back to Loch Lomond where it happened, but since we can’t, we’ll recreate it in our garden with a big puddle! 😊” Morven, aged 28.

“Our family love a wee camping trip, so we’re going to recreate a muddy field in Uig in our front room, complete with tent, sleeping bags, toasted marshmallows and the rotating star light from our son’s bedroom to sleep under the stars.”  Tracy & Kenny aged 40-something & Sorren aged 3.

Couple goals
Let’s all take a leaf out of this 80 year old couples’ book, they’re still singing and dancing together in self-isolation <3