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Keep the kids entertained in lockdown

Keep your sanity and keep kids entertained at home; our top 5 tips inc free printables, online resources and more

If lockdown has taught us one thing, it's that teachers are saints for what they do. How do they deal with kids ALL DAY?

Before you lose your mind, check out our top five ways to keep the little ones busy.

1. Hunt for treasure
Keep kids busy with riddles to find treasure in the house! You can give sweets or toys as a prize, and we've made it super easy with our downloadable clues to hide at home.

2. Camp at home
You might not be able to get away for a holiday, but you can have a getaway in your living room. Set up some twinkly lights, make a den, put on some woodland noises and get the family together for a camping night. Remember to make your s'mores in the oven instead of starting a fire ;)

Listen to Relaxing Woodland Noises on Spotify.

3. Visit world-class museums (from your sofa)
We already have parent-guilt that our kids aren't in school right now, so give them something educational with virtual tours of museums across the world including the British Museum, the Vatican, and Paris' Musée d'Orsay.

Check out The Guardian's Top 10 Museum Tours.

4. Set up your own cafe
Let the kids set up their own cafe: have them make menus, put on an apron and take your order for snacks and drinks. It's basically a really sneaky way to have them wait on you hand and foot, but don't tell them that.

We’ve made it super easy with menus and money to download and print.

5. Get crafty
Unleash your inner Blue Peter presenter, and get the kids crafting with anything lying around: washing up bottles, sweetie wrappers and toilet rolls from the 48-packs everyone panic bought.

There's loads of great ideas on Happiness is Homemade.