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We’re lucky at itison - we get to put smiles on people’s faces every day by giving them incredible experiences. itison us goes one further, and makes sure those same amazing experiences can be enjoyed by those who need it most: brilliant local charities.

How does it work?

Charities get in touch with us

Each month, we support 3 incredible charities in each of the regions we work in. We choose charities that are doing great work, and who will get the most impact from our donation.

We talk to businesses who want to support itison us

We speak to the community of amazing businesses we work with and encourage them to support itison us, by donating vouchers for the same great experiences you see on itison.

We spread the love by sharing vouchers with charities

We give vouchers to charities to help with fundraising or to provide respite to volunteers and the people they support; giving them the chance to get away for the night, enjoy a nice meal or take the kids out for the day.

Our mission

At itison, our mission has always been about bringing loved ones together to enjoy incredible experiences, and now we want to make sure that the people who need it most get to have that too.

How can the donated vouchers be used?

Every month, we matchmake our amazing deals to charities who would love to experience them. They can use them to give much needed respite, reward incredible volunteers or to fundraise.


Reward volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood that keep many charities going. It can be hard work emotionally and physically, and vouchers are a great way to help volunteers recharge their batteries and, most importantly, smile!

Treat the people
charities support

Many of our charities work with people who are going through a tough time in one way or another, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to forget their troubles, have fun and enjoy a great experience.


Raise more money
for the charity

Charities can use the vouchers we give them for raffles, auctions and more, ensuring they raise vital funds to continue the incredible work they do.

Local charities in our communities

Big, multi-national charities are important, but we want to help the little guy, and make sure that smaller, local charities get the support and publicity they need. Together, we can make a huge difference to the communities we live and work in.

This month we're helping these amazing charities in and

Lightburn Elderly Association Project

Lightburn Elderly Association Project


For the last 30 years, LEAP has been working hard to improve the lives of older people in the Cambuslang community, and the services available to them.

They now help older people by providing handyman services, running befriending services and R:evolve Recycle swap shops, which utilise the skills of the older generation by having them mend gadgets and clothing, allowing them to give back to their community and build their confidence.

The Springboard Charity

The Springboard Charity


Springboard helps young people get a better future by giving them the training and skills they need to build a career in hospitality, leisure and tourism.

The charity provides work experience, mentorship programmes and guidance, all with the aim of alleviating unemployment and improving the life prospects of beneficiaries.

LEAP Sports Scotland

LEAP Sports Scotland


Scotland’s only LGBT+ sports charity, LEAP works towards greater inclusion and equality for members of the LGBT+ community in sport.

They put on a range of events like conferences and festivals; work to increase diversity in sport; and promote equality by influencing sports organisations.

It's Good 2 Give

It's Good 2 Give


The charity supports young cancer patients and their families in practical ways; whether it’s bringing snack packs to kids in the children’s ward, or giving families ironing vouchers to make sure they have time to focus on what’s really important.

It’s Good 2 Give also has their own holiday home, The Ripple Retreat, on the banks of Loch Venachar. The retreat is available to any young person in Scotland suffering from cancer and provides a much-needed escape for families going through a hard time.




Thistle supports people throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians living with long-term conditions such as depression, chronic pain, MS, heart disease or arthritis. For many people, their diagnosis is devastating.

So that people can take back control of their lives, the charity provides a wide range of support including one-to-one consultations and peer group activities. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of mental or physical health condition.

Richmond's Hope

Richmond's Hope


Since 2003, Richmond’s Hope has been helping children and young people who have been bereaved.

The charity provides a safe space for children to work through their grief; preserve memories of the person who has died; explore their feelings; and to develop coping strategies. They also provide training and education to organisations on how to better support young people following a bereavement.

How you can get involved with itison us

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